Oven Cleaning Process

We are specialists in cleaning ovens, hobs, ranges and agas with eco friendly products.

1.We first take all removable parts from your oven.

2. They are then carefully placed in a heated oven dip tank, situated in the van.

3. The dip tank removes all burnt on grease and food.

4. The interior of the oven is then cleaned, this includes removing the door and the door glass so everything can be deep cleaned.

5. If you have a electric oven the fan will be removed and cleaned as well.

6. We will replace your primary filter in your extractor hoods if needed, included in the cost. We can also replace bulbs (for a small charge).

7. The oven is then re assembled and the exterior is degreased and polished, leaving your oven sparkling

8. We will cause the absolute minimum of disturbance to you.

Remember all our products are eco friendly, biodegradable and completely safe to use around children, pets or yourself. We do not use any caustic chemicals, so there are NO harmful or toxic fumes
We can clean all oven brands and types. This includes gas ovens, electric ovens, ranges and self cleaning ovens (that don't really self- clean!)