Guidelines- Covid 19

Appointments with All Clean Ovens and Carpets
Please take a moment to read this information regarding your appointment during the Covid 19 outbreak.
  • During appointments, I will be following social distancing at all times and I will ask you to do so too.

  • Ideally please open your front door, stand back (2m) and direct me to the room I shall be working in. Please leave me to work on my own while you stay in another room. Keep children and pets away, ideally in a separate area of the house.

  • I will need access to my van for both carpet and oven cleaning, so please keep this access accessible. Please make this access as easy as possible and keep any contact to an absolute minimum.

  • I will wash my hands when I arrive. I will bring my own soap and disposable towels.

  • I will wear a mask, gloves and ensure I practice good hand hygiene at all times.

  • I will wipe the area around the oven I’m cleaning, before I start and when I’ve finished. Please clear this area before the appointment. I would also really appreciate it if you could clean the surfaces and door handles where I shall be working before I arrive.

  • Ideally please pay by bank transfer.

  • I will not attend appointments in households where a member is self isolating or shielding. Please cancel your appointment if anyone in your household becomes unwell or shows any symptoms of Covid 19. I will cancel any appointment if a member of my family or myself becomes unwell.

  • If you are over 70 or vulnerable but not shielding. Please let me know before booking so I can ensure the appointment can be as 'contact- free' as possible. For example I am happy for you to leave me a key so I can let myself in while you remain in a different area of the house.

Thank you so much for supporting my business during this time.
I will be following all government advice to keep myself and my customers as safe as possible.